"I have no idea where I'm heading, but something inside me believes in the journey."

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Hello, I'm Stephen Marriott. 'What do I do?' I've always hated that question, haven't you? What I can say, is that I've been a labourer, student, stockbroker, landlord and writer. But who am I really? Honestly, God knows! What I do know is that the corporate life I thought I wanted didn't make me happy.

So I'm doing the only thing that's ever made sense to me - I've quit another job and gone travelling. But this time it's more serious: I've sold my London apartment, including most of my belongings and with my partner we've bought a converted campervan. Prioritising experiences over possessions. Call it a mid-life crisis; call it what you will society. But fuck it! The road awaits and I'll be documenting our journey all the way.

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