My Story 

I grew up in the West Country of England, in Somerset. As a kid, I remember running around the fields surrounding my small town of Portishead and dreaming of exotic travels. But in the end, I followed the traditional path. Going to college, then university, where I studied Economics, which led to a career in stockbroking in London. The treadmill of life soon took over, and my dreams began to fade. However, as I’m now learning, it’s never too late to take the first serious steps towards your dreams. My turning point was when I handed in my resignation and went backpacking around South America. 


That was at the time of the financial crisis back in 2007, and upon my return to London, I began to work and travel more sporadically. Working jobs for no more than two years at a time and periodically renting out my apartment. I’ve now visited five continents and over 50 countries. Travelling independently has shown me that we don’t need that much stuff and it’s possible to travel on a shoestring. Plus, you can adapt to pay the bills.


Of course, such a life isn't without its ups and downs. I experienced the break-up of my marriage, and sometimes a nomadic life can be lonely. And there have been times I’ve questioned the sense of giving up my career. However, when you take steps in a new direction, you eventually cross a personal point of no return. I’m now enjoying being in the moment and embracing every new place I visit. Some of my stories from the road have even inspired me to write some novels.


 Next Chapter 

“When you take steps in a new direction, you eventually cross a point of no return...”


Somewhere out there, I feel there is a place I will feel settled. We just haven’t found it yet. And to that end, my partner, Emma, and I are embarking on our biggest adventure yet. We recently sold up everything and will be living in a converted campervan. During this next chapter, we'll be exploring Europe, but finding ourselves on the way as we learn to live with less, be more resourceful and live in the moment - something I'm particularly bad at! And I'll sharing it all through the site's blog and other social media channels. You can also subscribe to stay updated on all posts and announcements.


If you want to learn more about my novels – the Reluctant Pilgrim series, I also have an Author’s website - you can jump over to it here.