Marriott’s Side Trips is hosted by Stephen Marriott, a traveller and bestselling author. When he’s not on the road, he usually hangs his hat in London.


“… every one of us has a unique story”


I’ve been privileged to visit more than fifty countries, and one of the best things about travelling is the people I meet. The world over, we’re pretty much the same, yet, every one of us has a unique story. Some of those stories from the road have found their way into my travel writing; they even inspired a novel


However, I always felt it was a shame I didn’t capture the voices behind those stories but after rediscovering podcasts, I suddenly realised that medium was the perfect platform to do so. That was the birth of the show, and I invite you to journey with me and meet the friends I make along the way.


 My Story 

“I had no idea where I was eventually heading, but something inside me believed in the journey...”


My travel experiences range from fishing for piranhas in the Amazon; being detained by security forces in Colombia and chatting soccer with them; tango dancing in Buenos Aires, sailing with merchants down the Mekong River; to walking across Spain. But I didn’t always believe my life could be so adventurous and full of culture.


I grew up in the West Country of England, in Somerset. As a kid, I remember running around the fields surrounding my small town and dreaming of exotic travels. But in the end, I followed the traditional path. Going to college, then university, where I studied Economics, which led to a career in stockbroking in London. The treadmill of life soon took over, and my dreams began to fade. However, as I’m now learning, it’s never too late to take the first serious steps towards your dreams. And when you do, you’ll cross a personal point of no return. My turning point was when I handed in my resignation and went backpacking around South America.


“I first met Steve when he was poised to chuck in a City career for a life of far-flung travel. A true adventurer.”– Tim Moore, Bestselling Travel Author


I had no idea where I was eventually heading, but something inside me believed in the journey and rekindled my spirit for travel. I’ve since visited five continents, and I’m hungry for more. Travelling independently has shown me that we don’t need that much stuff and it’s possible to travel on a shoestring. Plus, you can adapt to pay the bills. I’ve rented out my apartment and worked freelance to finance my trips. Now I have more time for writing and podcasting. My Reluctant Pilgrim books have been bestsellers, and the podcast is climbing the charts. But I’m still an English small-town boy at heart; to this day, my most memorable food experience is eating fish and chips - albeit in a seaside town on the Melbourne to Sydney coastal drive.

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