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Meet Rhoswyn our Silver Moon Campervan

Updated: Aug 8

I’m feeling relaxed as I write this post, sitting here on the platform of Earlsfield Station, South West London. Though, I’d be lying if I say I feel completely free, there’s still work to be done in achieving that. Though everything’s relative, and I’d say my state of calm is pretty good compared to the frustrated commuters around me, waiting for their delayed train during this week of national train strikes.

As very soon, I’ll no longer be held to ransom by London public transport, schedules or £3.20 ($4) lattes. My sense of restlessness has again won this latest battle. I’ve quit another job, though this time I’m also quitting London. Emma (she's my partner) and I have sold our flats and have bought ourselves a campervan – our home for the foreseeable... So today, as I wait for the train to take me into Waterloo, I’m not fretting. My gaze is drawn to the blue sky, and I'm enjoying the sun on my face. Knowing that soon, I'll be behind the wheel of our new van.

It felt as if it was meant to be from the first photo we glimpsed of her, our silver van – the bodywork was a little rough, but the wooden fitting looked comfortable and rustic. This Toyota would take us on adventures. We didn’t hang around. At our first opportunity, we made the five-hour drive to Kidwelly, South Wales to meet Jade, who’d converted the van. She was madly busy with organising the town’s forthcoming music festival, booking musicians etc. Thus, she had blue paint on her fingers and was making some final adjustments to the van. Jade was a chatterer and a free spirit. So it was a long day in Kidwelly, but definitely worth the wait.

Deal done, our return journey was under a silver full moon. It felt like a sign, especially when we discovered the moon was a ‘Super Moon’. Also known as a Strawberry Moon, as it coincides with the harvesting season in North America. European names include Rose Moon and Mead Moon. We liked the name, Rose Moon, especially as this moon appeared more like the colour of a white rose and, of course the colour of the van. So it was inevitable she'd take the name Rhoswyn. A Welsh name, which translates as white rose. White Rose takes on many meanings, such as the bridal rose, representing virginity, it’s appeared as a symbol against prejudice and another is the force of the Soul, in Alchemy. Which is the meaning I most like.

Mostly because I feel this journey is about new beginnings and learning to be resourceful, but most of all being true to ourselves. The words purpose and faith also come to mind. Let's see?

I hope you’ll enjoy our stories from the road. Watch this space...


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